What does the team do?

As we read the NT descriptions of trans-local teams, we see a number of important things that they did. We see this as a pattern for our teams today:


  • Continually stimulating the call to mission
  • Supporting churches with training in mission
  • Preaching the Gospel to the lost



  • Establishing people together in Christ as communities
  • Ensuring Biblical vision, doctrine and practice
  • Considering what is in place and attending to lacks
  • Advising on development



  • Supporting churches through problems
  • Guarding against false teaching
  • Regular engagement, not just crisis management

Supernatural impartation

  • Ensuring churches experience a Spirit-filled life
  • Imparting the power of God


Leadership training and appointment

  • Helping identify and appointing elders
  • Helping identify and train future leaders


Promoting unity

  • Resolving broken relationships within churches
  • Promoting a concern for the wider church and its leaders