Governance & Finance

Synergy is a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation (no. 1191114.)

We have a team of trustees who assist the Synergy team in bringing effective governance to the organisation, especially in areas of finance, risk and compliance.


“we’re not very good at talking about money”

But Jesus was great at talking about money and so we’re going to try and be more like Him.

In the Synergy family of churches we want to handle money well, unashamed that some parts of the mission God has called us to have costs, wanting to honour those who make their gifts and talents available to the body and living in a spirit of generosity that comes from trust and openness.

How much do churches give?

Our central costs for leadership and administration are met from each church contributing 3% of their income from tithes and offerings. Obviously there will be times when this is not possible for a church to commit to but in the same way as we be walking with individuals in local churches as they journey towards a lifestyle of giving, we want to set this as an aspiration for what a fully functioning church in the Sphere looks like.

The apostolic link

Each church is expected to have one particular member of the Synergy Team who is primarily responsible for connecting them with the Sphere. This won’t be the only person who visits, mentors or helps with church reviews but they are the regular point of contact and the link for the apostolic. The church where your link person is based is releasing them to this work and so we suggest that the sending church should be blessed by receiving £100 per month for their release. Again, we want to keep the right spirit in this, giving not out of compulsion but a desire to bless and recognise those who work hard in the Lord on our behalf.

Local Ministry

When anyone from Synergy ministers in a local setting, we feel it is only right that their time and skill is recognised. This will vary according to the size of congregation and the extent of input but it should be honouring and at least attempt to cover the actual costs of preparation and travel. This honorarium should apply even if the person ministering is your regular apostolic link or partially employed by Synergy.

Team Membership

Team members are released to be part of the Synergy team by their sending base; the base is are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation costs at team meetings and when attending Synergy events.

The sending bases for the team leader (Aled Griffith) and administrator (Oliver Russell) do receive some direct support (1 day a week) in recognition of the increased burden their work places on their base.

As mentioned in Apostolic Link above, sending bases should be receiving some remuneration where they release a point person to care for another church.

Principles of Finance

Synergy is led by the team, supported by a wonderful group of trustees

Our general principles of financial management are:

  • Our central costs are kept small in keeping with the belief that most of the work takes places in local churches
  • Events make no contribution to our central costs
  • Events are usually expected to breakeven
  • There may be a specific subsidy for a type of delegate (e.g emerging leader) at an event from central costs
  • Churches should be encouraged to be generous in releasing ministry to the wider family and honoured for doing so