Who we are

Synergy is a family of churches across the UK and into Spain, and the Midwest USA.

We believe that we are better together and that we are called to be about relationship, adventure and mission


  • Leadership can be lonely and we believe we are better together.
  • We want to relate honestly and openly as family, in order to create a culture of care, challenge and change.
  • We want to be more than just friends, but foster relationships that do each other good. We are determined to relate accountably.
  • We receive each other as brothers and sisters, such that iron-sharpens-iron.
  • We believe that every pastor needs a pastor and that every church needs to relate well to an wider team.


  • Adventure is about change; about stepping out into what God has for us, even if we have not been that way before.
  • This kind of adventure is better together as one another’s strengths and experiences can compensate for our weakness and ignorances.
  • We do not want to be a static or parochial movement but one that is going somewhere and doing something


Going somewhere and doing something are ultimately all about the mission of God

  • The going out to individuals and seeing the power of God radically change their lives
  • The establishing of Christ-loving communities in estates, towns and nations where there haven’t been any and seeing those places transformed by the love of God
  • The groundswell of kingdom-hearted pursuit of God’s justice and mercy poured out to all until every part of our culture looks like heaven